Erin's Lovely Lee

The sixth of March in '64 from Queenstown we set sail,
Our Fenian men of Erin's Isle bound for Americay,
For the raising of our gallant land as you may plainly see
We were forced to go on a government boat down Erin's Lovely Lee.

A Yankee chap stepped up tome and asked me did I know
The Mountains of Tipperary, or the green hills of Claroe,
Or could I tell where Crowley fell, who died his land to free
Or the town that Captain Mackey robbed down Erin's Lovely Lee.

'Tis I can tell where Crowley fell, in lone Kilclooney wood,
And the town that Captain Mackey robbed, 'twas by his side I stood,
When Cornwall the false traitor slew, as you may plainly see,
We were forced to go by sweet Claroe down Erin's Lovely Lee.

Another Yank stepped up to me and asked me did I know
Where Wolfe Tone's body it was laid, or Emmet's lying low,
Or could I tell him who and where was the Wicklow Mountain's pride
Or who the Manchester Martyrs were who are laying side by side.

When last I left old Ireland I came by sweet Kildare,
And if I make no great mistake Wolfe Tone he lies there,
And then I came by Dublin Quay and passed Glassnevin too,
There lies Robert Emmet, that patriot loyal and true.

Then Allen, Larkin and O'Brien who fought for Ireland's cause
They smashed the van and freed the men who make old Ireland's laws,
The three of them were taken, as you may plainly see
And hanged upon a scaffold far from Erin's Lovely Lee.

So now I'm tired of foreign life, I'll return across the sea
To help the men of Ireland's Isle old Erin to set free,
And when I'm passing Claroe's Cross the boys will welcome me
I'll sail down with the rebel men through Erin's Lovely Lee.

This song was recorded by Willie Clancy on his Topic LP
The Minstrel from Clare.
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