The Irish Brigade

Oh, don't be alarmed, friends , at seeing us here,
We're two gems of the very first water;
You can see by our clothes we are noblemen too,
And sons of the marquise's daughter.
My mother, God bless her, she doted on us,
Said of danger we ne'er were afraid;
So when we arrived at manhood, a commission she bought,
And I'm one of the Irish Brigade.


Then hurrah! Hurrah! for the true sons of Erin,
Her stouthearted soldiers are never afraid;
We are true to the core, and to death ever daring,
We're two noble sons of the Irish Brigade.

The Irish Brigade, they are one, true and brave,
And, for fighting, the best in the land;
In peace they're true hearted, cheerful and gay,
And like lions in battle they stand.
And I am their leader, I'm proud for to say
That my soldiers they dote upon me;
For oft 'midst the roar of the cannon they'll shout:
"Give three cheers for brave Colnel O'Shea!"


To the roll of the gun we marched gaily on,
Through the field, midst the dead and the dying:
And high in the air, through the smoke can be seen
The green flag so nobly flying.
And there it waves proudly amidst shot and shell,
As me men to the charge they are led,
They'd fight till they die ere an inch they would give
In defense of the flag o'er their head.

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