Come all you Irish landlords and foxhunters likewise
I hope you'll pay attention and take a good advice
I hope you'll pay attention while I'm in grief and woe
Relate how I was conquered on the Plains of Aghaboe.

It being on a Saturday evening on the 28th of May
The sheriff and the bailiff came there without delay
The policemen and the soldier and the magistrates likewise
To drive Miss Dowling's cattle off the plains of Aghaboe.

The men were in their thousands, the women led the van
And like when in the days of yore they swept the Dutchman's clan
Both policemen and soldiers were driven to and fro
Nor could they get the cattle off the beauteous Aghaboe.

I'll have to leave the country and land that gave me birth
And mix my bones in foreign clan and not in Irish earth,
No more I'll hunt poor Reynard or shout out Tally-ho
Or roam the far-famed Friar's land in far-famed Aghaboe.

(Tune: Skibereen)