The Angler

It was on a summer's morning all in the month of May,
My line and hook were in my hand as by the Boyne I strayed,
I soon espied a maiden who did my sense confound,
My line and hook went in the brook and never yet were found.

Then I approached this lovely maid, saying "Matchless Queen of Troy
Or was it Cupid sent you here poor anglers to decoy?
Or are you the bright morning star that rises in the west,
Or Luna bright that rules by night when lovers are at rest.

She shyly made answer, saying "Sir don't tantalize,
I know not those you mention and your praise I despise,
I'm but a shepherd's daughter who came bathing to the Boyne,
Your company withdraw from me, your rod and line go find.

My line and rod I value not, love, gold willpurchasemore,
But my heart is truely captured, my cailín míle stór
Do not be shy, with me complky and I'll make you my bride,
I've fifty acres of good land along the Boyne side.

She gave consent and off wewent down to her father's place,
Her parents they were satisfied when first they saw my face,
The Banns werequickly published and joined we were forlife,
So, instead of trout or salmon, I caught a lovely wife.

cf. Joyce No. 10, p 8.