The Athlone Landlady

O it was in the town of Athlone
Lived the beautiful widow Malone,
She kept the Black Boy, was an armful of joy
And had plenty of lovers, ochone, ochone,
O the world to you Widow Malone.

There was Bolus the medical drone
And Latitat, all skin and bone,
But physic and law both stuck in her craw,
And she couldn't digest them, ochone -
O success to sweet Mistress Malone.

But Cupid, who's the Devil's own
Sent a lad who soon altered her tone,
'Twas brave Sergeant MacWhack, with long sword and broad back,
And his roguish black eyes at her thrown, ochone,
O they bothered the Widow Malone.

The love-sick sweet Mistress Malone
So fond of the soldier was grown
That in secret she'd sigh, "For the Sergeant I'd die,
O would I were bone of his bone! Ochone"
More of that to you Mistress Malone.

Still the lawyer and doctor will groan
And tease the poor widow, ochone
Till one day Pat MacWhack kicked them out in a crack,
And a smack gave sweet Kitty Malone -
"O, you've won me!" cried Widow Malone.

So they wedded one morning, ochone
And with fun sure the stocking was thrown,
And he's man of the house and his beautiful spouse
Is sweet Mistress MacWhack, late Malone, Malone,
So more luck to MacWhack and Malone.