The Auld Man and the Churnstaff

Oh, there was an aul' woman in oor town, in oor toon did dwell,
She loved her husband dearly, but anither yin twice as well.

Wi mi ri fo roofa raddy, boys, mi ri fa roo-fa ran,
Wi mi ri fo roo fa raddy, may she whack for ol da dan !

She went into the doctor's shop some medicine to find,
Saying, "Have you any medicine wid knock an aulj man blind ?"

Oh, the doctor gave her marrow-bones and bid her grind them fine
And dust them in the aul man's eyes, and that would knock him blind.

Oh, I'm tired of this world, I'm tired of this life;
I think Ill1 go and droon mysel', and that'll end the strife.

So they both went out together till they came till the river brim,
He says, "You'll take a running race, and you must push me in !"

And so she ran up to him till she came till the river brim,
But when she came up he stepped aside, and she went tumbling in.

Sometimes she rose to the surface and tried to catch the brim
But the aul' man with the churnstaff ~ he birled her further in.

Oh, when he thought she'd got enough he pulled her to dry land
Sayin, "I think the notion's oot o your head of haein anither man !"