The Ball in the Bro

It was in the month of September
As far as my mind can recall
Halfway between Easter and Christmas
Invitations were sent for a ball;
The news spread around the whole country
The boys came from Clarr and Glacmore
For to dance Nora Kearney from Leitrim
Or Bridie the Pride of Ardmore.

There was Patsy Gillespie and Hughie
And wee Nell McGroarty from Clarr,
There was also old Biddy Duey
And she waltzed around with Neil Barr,
Two car loads of swanks came from Derry
With their streamers and bright yellow shoes
And you never saw people so merry,
You'd swear they were all on the booze!

Dan Kearney he took down his fiddle
And of music he gave them their fill,
He played, "Maggie, sure I met your sister
The last day I was in Moville."
There was lashings of tay and strong whiskey
And wee buns from Carndonagh town,
And we laughed and we danced and we jigged it
As long as the whiskey went round.

I've been to fine balls in Clonmany,
I was at one in the wee Isle of Doe,
But believe me I've never seen any
That could equal the Ball in the Bro.