When I rowed up to Clady where the girls are kind and free
My little boat I anchored there, to view the scenery,
A pretty maid in silk arrayed, she sprang from wealthy kin,
Invited me to join the spree at Urney, near the Finn.


Boating on the Finn, boys, boating on the Finn,
That pretty girl my heart betrayed when boating on the Finn.

She pointed out her home to me, and there we made our way,
I had a hearty lunch with her, likewise a cup of tea!
She introduced me to her da who showed me whips of tin,
That I could act the gentleman and fish the river Finn.

I said I was a stranger and if she would agree
That I would act as steward for her and assist her with the tea,
She willingly consented, her heart I thought I'd win,
If she didn't turn out slippy like the salmon in the Finn.

The old man got excited and he bade me stop all night
I tell you we'd some jolly crack till he grew rather tight,
I asked himfor the daughter when the little drop was in,
He said, 'Young man you're welcome to come live beside the Finn'

Typed notes: Words and music from Denis Phelan who collected them from
P. Lennon and Wm. Feery, Clady, Urney, Co.Tyrone.

Note from transcriber: the numbers 58 and 45 were handwritten in the upper
right corner.  Spelling and punctuation as in original.