You broken-hearted heroes that love your liberty
I hope you'll pay attention and listen unto me,
It's of a bold militia man who did lately volunteer,
And left his lovely Sally the girl he once loved dear.

He was a proper, tall young man, there's few could him excel,
And for his regimentals, he does become them well;
He is forced to take the bounty and for to sail awa'
And leave his lovely Sally in the county of Armagh.

Now when Sally heard this doeleful news she fell unto the ground,
Her snow-white hands she wrung with grief, her golden hair unbound;
Saying: "Jamie, lovely Jamie, for you I am undone,
I'm banished from my parents house, and how can I go home?"

It's Jamie's aged father who had been standing by,
And when he saw this lovely maid the tear fell from his eye;
Saying: "Come home, my lovely Sally, come home and bide with me,
Till Jamie does return again your father I will be!"

Oh, it's all that whole night over Sally tossed and made great moan,
To think of lovely Jamie out in the world alone;
Saying: "How can I contented be, and he so far awa',
The boy I thought would live and ide with me in sweet Armagh!"