Brian O'Lynn was a gentleman born,
He lived at a time when no clothes they were worn,
But as fashions walked out, of course Brian walked in,
"Whoo! I'll soon lead the fashions," said Brian O'Lynn.

Brian O'Lynn had no breeches to wear
He got an old sheepskin to make him a pair,
With the fleshy side out and the woolly side in,
"Whoo ! They're pleasant and cool," says Brian O'Lynn.

Brian O'Lynn was hard up for a coat,
He borrowed a skin off a neighbouring goat,
With the horns sticking out from his oxters, and then,
"Whoo! They'll take them for pistols," said Brian O'Lynn.

Brian O'Lynn had no brogues to his toes,
He hopped in two crab-shells to serve him for those,
Then he split up two oysters that matched like two twins,
"Whoo! They'll Theyvll shine out like buckles," said Brian O'Lynn.

Brian O'Lynn had no watch to put on,
He scooped out a turnip to make him a one,
Then he planted a cricket in under the skin,
"Whoo! They'll think it's a-ticking," said Brian O'Lynn.

Brian O'Lynn to his house had no floor,
He'd the sky for a roof and the bog for a floor;
He'd a way to jump out, and a way to swim in –
"Whoo! It's very convenient," says Brian O'Lynn.

Brian O'Lynn, his wife, and wife's mother,
They all went home over the bridge together;
The bridge it broke down and they all tumbled in –
"Whoo! We'll go home by water!" said Brian O'Lynn.