Emmett's Farewell to his Love

Farewell love, farewell love, I now must leave you,
The pale moon is shining her last beam on me;
In truth I do declare I have never deceived you,
For its next to my heart is dear Erin and thee.

Draw near to my bosom my first and fond true love,
And cherish the heart that beats only for thee;
And let my cold grave with green laurels be strewn love,
For I'll die for my country, dear Erin, and thee.

Oh never again in the moonlight we'll roam, love,
When the birds are at rest and the stars they do shine;
Oh never again shall I kiss they sweet lips, love,
Or wander my streamlets with thy hand pressed in mine.

Oh, should a mother's love make all others forsake me,
Oh, give me a promise before that I die,
That you'll come to my grave when all others forsake me,
And then with the soft winds breath sigh then for sigh.

My hour is approaching, let me take one fond look, love,
And watch they pure beauty till my should does depart;
Let they winglets fall on my face and brow,love,
Draw near till I press thee to my fond and true heart.

Farewell, love, farewell love, the words are now spoken,
The pale moon is shining her last beams on me;
Farewell, love, farewell love, I hear the death token,
Never more in this world your Emmet you'll see.