Escaping Men

Oh,the jails of France are snug and warm and British jails are airy
But Irishmen want neither one,which makes things quite contrary,
In Strangeways jail did England fail with locks and chains to bind them,
And o'er the top they quickly dropped and left the jail behind them.

Pierce Beasly now of Mountjoy fame from bondage now has risen
And gained another victory by breaking out of prison,
And with his gallant comrades too we pray they'll never find them,
They never stopped to say good-day but left the jail behind them.

Brave Austin Stack, he knew the knack, he watched the bulldog sleeping,
While friends outside their time did bide, a watchful vigil keeping,
Hearts high with hope down a ladder rope the jailers cannot find them,
Hurrah! they're out,let's give a shout, they've left the jail behind them.

If England built a mighty fort, a thousand feet or higher
To keep our men inside its walls and crush their hearts desire,
Some day they'd wake and find them gone,with ladder ropes to remind them
Of Austin Stack and his gallant band who left the jail behind them!