Just off Wexford shore there were sea mines galore
All washed far away from the depths of the sea,
From hawsers and sinkers they broke in rough weather
And exploded so loudly to be heard in Tralee.
At Cullenstown Harbour in the County of Wexford
There came to the surface a death-dealing ball,
When three brave young soldiers in pursuit of their duty
Did strive to undo it it did kill them all.

Now friends of my story who live by the ocean
Don't cause a commotion, but calmly combine
Do send for the soldiers, not shovels or crowbars
To rob of its dangers a floating sea mine.

They tried to undo it, but little they knew it
That the spherical ball had evil in store,
Now Newbridge will mourn them, likewise will Kilcullen
Those three brave young soldiers who died on the shore.
A mine is a weapon unknown to Napoleon
Great Caesar ne'er saw it, as you may all know,
If perchance one exploded La Killary Harbour
It would knock down Croach Patrick and flatten Mayo.

By a sinker and strong line it's held in position
With precision it's laid on any sea road
When a steamer majestic from a far port meandering
Just strikes its sore horns it will surely explode!
Be advised all young swimmers in Cork or Dunmanway
Likewise ye at Sligo, Rush Arklow and Bray
Don't make a mistake with a bright coloured sea ball
It might be a stray mine and blow you away!