One evening of late as I strayed by the banks of a clear silvery stream
I sat on a bank of primroses and quickly fell into a dream;
I dreamt that I met a fair damsel, her equal I never saw before,
And she sighed for the wrongs of her country as she strayed upon Erin's green shore.

I quickly approached this young lassies saying: "My jewel come tell me your name,
For really to me you're a stranger, or I would not have asked you the same!"
She approached like a goddess of freedom, for liberty's ebmlems she wore,
And her cloak bore the rose and the shamrock that bloom upon Erin's green shore.

She answered: "Kind Sir, I'm a stranger, my mind unto you I'll disclose,
I'm here in the middle of danger, and I don't know my friends from my foes,
I'm a daughter to Daniel O'Connell, from England I lately sailed over,
I came over to waken my brethern that slumber on Erin's green shore.