Draw near all bold defenders of every race and clime
Give ear to these few verses I hereby put in rhyme,
Concerning a brave warrior who fought on many fields,
A lion-hearted hero whose name is General Shields.

He emigrated to America when but sixteen years old,
And for his adopted country fought vigorously and bold,
He proved to be a true citizen, as history relates,
And he fought many a hard battle for the United States.

He fought on bench and forum, and on the field likewise,
And his love for truth and honour he never did disguise,
'Gainst the enemies of freedom he struck a manly blow,
And he raised our starry banner on the heights of Mexico

He challenged Abraham Lincoln in 1842,
And showed the Western Hoosier what an Irishman could do,
He caused poor Abe to tremble, so the duel was soon o'er,
And brave Shields and honest Lincoln were friends for evermore.

A Hercules in intellect, a Bonaparte in skill,
A Hector on the warpath, a Hannibal in will,
With Alexander's valour, and Spartan pluck and toil
He vanquished Stonewall Jackson on old Virginia soil.