'Twas over in Rathcormack near the town of sweet Fermoy
They captured General Lucas and away with him did fly;
They said. "You are our prisoner, and this you've got to know
You can't do Greenwood's dirty work where the Blarney Roses grow.

Can anybody tell me where did General Lucas go
He may be down in Mitchelstown or over in Mallow,
He's somewhere in. the Co. Cork, but this I want to know,
Can anybody tell me where did General Lucas go?

'Twas on a Sunday morning out a-fishing he did go,
And when he had his fishing done he was caught by Who You Know!
They said "You'll have to come with us, or else down you will go,
For that's the way we'll treat you where the Blarney Roses grow."

There's good men down in Galway and the same in Co. Clare,
But the likes of those young Cork men you won't find anywhere;
They treated me so kindly, and if they'd only let me go
I'd promise to stop reprisals where the Blarney Roses grow."

Now to conclude and finish, I hope it won't be long
Till we see old Ireland free again and the R.I.C. men gone,
And when they free our prisoners and tell them they may go
We'll do the same for Lucas where the Blarney roses grow.