My name is George Clokey, my age is nineteen,
In many a battle and skirmish I've been,
And many's the dangers I did undergo
With that hero commander, brave General Munroe.

Were you at the Battle of Ballinahinch
When the country gathered to stand their defense,
Munroe left the mountains, his men took the field,
And swore that to tyrants they never would yield.

Munroe being tired and wanting to sleep
Gave a woman ten guineas his secret to keep,
When she got the money Satan tempted her so,
She sent for the army and surrounded Munroe.

If you'd seen the cavalry when they came there
The horses did caper and prance in the air,
The traitor being with them put them in the know,
And out of a haystack they pulled Poor Munroe.

Munroe was taken and brought to the hall,
He thought to escape, but he could not at all,
They marched him to Lisburn without any delay,
And put his head on a spear the very same day.

In comes his sister all clothed in green,
A sword by her side well sharpened and keen,
Three cheers she did give and away she did go,
Saying, "I'll have revenge for my brother Munroe."

All ye good men who listen, just think of the fate
Of the brave men who died in the year '98,
For liberty still through the nation would flow,
If her sons were all rebels like Henry Munroe.