Six months ago I landed here, for pleasure I came over,
I've traveled all the continent - in fact I'm quite a rover;
They put me among the emigrants, ten days they left me there,
With indignity they treated me, a gentleman from Kildare.

I'm a gentleman from Kildare, and my name is Denis 0 Hare,
I'm a gentleman of the day, and I dress very gay,
I'm a gentleman from Kildare.

When up Broadway I gently strolled to view the glorious city,
A stranger took me by the arm and laughed and Joked so witty,
He took me in and called for wine of course I did not care,
But he ran away with the watch and chain of the gentleman from Kildare.

To Coney Isle I often go to have a day of pleasure
The girls on me their smiles bestow they think me quite a treasure;
I carry a cane and twirl it round with a gay and jaunty air,
And they all admire the faultless attire or the gentleman from Kildare.

Now I'm going into politics and swell my reputation,
I want to be a congressman and lead a delegation;
I'll be a good friend to all the boys, they'll always find me square,
So let all turn out and loudly shout for the gentleman from Kildare.