Once I had a true love but now I have nonE,
And since he has left me I sigh all alone,
But since he has left me contented I'll be
For he loves another far better than me,

Green grows the laurel and soft falls the dew,
Sorrow was mine love when parting from you,
But at our next meeting our joys we'll renew
We'll love one another and vow to be true.

I wrote him a letter in red rosy lines;
He answered back another all entwisted, entwined,
Saying: "Keep your love letter and I will keep mine;
Write to your true love and I'll write to mine.

I passed my love's window both early and late,
The looks that he gave me my poor heart did break,
The looks that he gave me a thousand would kill,
Though he hates and detests me yet I love him still.

Tis often I wonder why maidens love men,
And sometimes I wonder why young men love them,
But from my experience I'd have you to know
Young men are deceivers wherever they go.