I Once Loved a Bonny Boy

I once loved a bonny boy and so I did rue
The more that I loved him the prouder he grew,
Now he's gone and he's left me thinking I'll mourn,
But he's far far mistaken, I'll do my own turn.

He sent me a letter saying he was bad,
Scarcely right able to turn in his bed
I sent him back an answer saying I was stout and strong
And cared less about him than the ground I walk upon.

He sent me a red rose, a red roses so fine
And thought that his present would alter my mind
I sent him back his present, his red rose so fine,
Let him keep his red rose and I will keep mine.

I'll eat when I'm hungry, I'll drink when I'm dry,
I'll rest when I'm weary, contented am I.
A meeting is a pleasure, a parting a grief,
And a false hearted lover far worse than a thief.

Penciled notation: F.R.H version. I suspect that refers to
F. R. Higgins the poet and a good friend of my father's.