I am a Wee Laddie

I am a wee laddie and sad is my fate,
I've travelled this country both early and late;
I've courted a wee lassie I do her adore,
And though she has denied me I'll trie her once more.

Oh, it's Johnny, dear Johnny such things cannot be,
As to be with my true love and you be with me;
To leave father and mother, their poor hearts would break,
To leave sisters and brothers and follow a rake.

Oh, it's Molly, dear Molly, you're not much to blame,
When first I came courting you were barely eighteen;
Your parents did slight me because I loved so
But that is the reason I love where you go.

At the late hour of midnight when souls are at rest
I think ofmy true love with hope in my breast;
Saying the time is soon coming and that you will see
When I'll be with my true love and she'll be with me.