An Irish Girl for Me

It's Tyrone among the bushes where the grass is growing green,
Where the hills are clad with sunshine and bright rivers flow between,
Down in the fairest valley that ever yet was known
There dwells a blue-eyed maiden in this county of Tyrone.


For it's M stands for Margaret, and J for her lover John,
And Pits stands for Paddy's Land, the land where I was born;
And S stands for Shamrock, as plainly you may see,
Above all the girls throughout the world give an Irish girl for me.

I took a trip to Scotland, just there the other day
To see if the young Scottish girls are as fine as people say,
Their looks were not enticing, with them I did not agree,
I told them I'd have none of them, give an Irish girl to me!

Now to conclude and finish I hope I've pleased you all,
I'll sing for you some other day when round this way I call;
I'm leaving for that little Isle, you all know where I mean,
To court my little Irish girl among the hills so green.