The Jolly Rake of All Trades

Of all the trades that's going a Rover's my delight,
For if he rambles all the day, he'll please my heart at night,
For with his pack all on his back he rambles to and fro
And his dwelling is uncertain wherever he does go.

In Dublin he's a carpenter and works well by his rule,
In Wicklow he's a miner, In Athlone keeps a school,
He's a founder in Enniscorthy and a baker in Carlow town,
Because he is a rover bold he always gains renown.

In Dungarvin he's a fisherman and ploughs the raging main,
In Youghal he's a wool comber and makes his wool to shine,
A jovial rake in Mallow among the raking blades,
Where he does sport and frolic among the pretty maids.

He's a goldsmith in Killarney and a gamester in Tralee,
Among the Kerry lasses he spends his money free,
In Limerick a brogue maker, he watches makes in Clare,
In Galway he's a barber and dresses ladies' hair.

In Mountmellick he's a tanner, a hatter in Athlone,
And for his skill in doctoring, in Boyle he is well known,
And when he comes to Sligo, he makes good whiskey there,
And in sweet Enniskillen he deals in ladies' wear.

In Longford he buys yarn he's a peddler in Mullingar,
Among the pretty fair maids, disposing of his ware,
In Granard he's a cooper, a tinker in Ballybay,
Where he does kiss his landlady, his reckoning for to pay.

He ranges through the nation, his pleasure to pursue,
Changing his occupation to every trade that's new,
He pleases all the ladies wherever he does roam,
But still his love is true to me, when he to me comes home.