The Lady from Holland

In Connacht I was born and reared being of a low degree,
My parents doted on me, they had no child but me,
I roved about for pleasure where'er my fancy led,
Till I became apprenticed, then all my joys were fled.

They bound me to a master who did not treat me well,
And I formed a resolution with him I would not dwell,
Unknown to friends or parents from him I stole away,
And I steered my course for Dublin - curse on that fatal day.

I'd not been long in Dublin, nor scarce did Dublin see
Till a lady out of Holland did chance to meet with me,
And by her false and flattering tongue persuaded me to go
To the low, low lands of Holland, which proved my overthrow.

I'd not been long in Holland, scarce a week but two or three
When my good and youthful mistress did fall in love with me,
She says, "I have money plenty, houses and free land,
If you consent to wed with me it's all at your command."

My good and youthful mistress, I cannot wed with you,
For I have made a promise,likewise a solemn vow
To wed with none but Molly, she is your chambermaid,
So Madam dear excuse me, she has my heart betrayed.

One evening as I was walking all in the month of June
I was pulling up the tulips which were in their summer bloom,
The gold rings from her fingers as she slowly passed me by
She dropped them in my pocket, and for the same I die.

The constable was sent for, to the jail then I was brought,
Before both judge and jury to answer for my lot,
I pleaded for an hour, I might have said but Nay,
For my good and youthful mistress has sworn my life away.