Lamentation of Hugh Reynolds

My name it is Hugh Reynolds, I come of honest parents,
Near Cavern I was born as you may plainly see,
By loving of a maid, one Catherine McCabe,
My life has been betrayed; she's a dear maid to me.

The country was bewailing my woeful situation,
But still I'd expectation this maid would set me free,
But Oh!, she was ungrateful, her parents proved deceitful,
And though I'd loved her faithful, she is a dear maid to me.

Young men and tender nations throughout this Irish Nation
Who hear my lamentation I hope you'll pray for me;
The truth I will unfold that my precious blood she sold,
In the grave I must lie cold, she's a dear maid to me.

For now my glass is run, and now my hour is come
And I must die for love and the height of loyalty;
I thought it was no harm to embrace her in my arms
Or take her from her parents but she's a dear maid tome.

Adieu my loving father and you my tender mother,
Farewell my dearest brother who has suffered sore for me;
In Irons I'm surrounded, in grief I lie confounded
By perjury unbounded; she's a dear maid to me.

Now I can say no more, to the law board I must go,
There to take my last farewell of my friends and counterie;
May the angels, shining bright, receive my soul tonight
And convey me into heaven to the blessed Trinity.

Clearly dear is used to mean expensive here.