The Landlord Eviction

It was early one morning, just by the break of day
The Landlord and his sheriff came by without delay,
They broke the doors and windows and it was an awful sight
To see my father and mother by the hedge that frosty night.

It's through the fields I took my way, not knowing where to go,
And praying to the heavens above that I might meet my foe
Now I had not gone very far, to you I'll tell the truth
He was the first man that I met and him I did salute.

He spoke to me most roughly which caused his sad downfall
For through his perjured body I drove a pistol ball;
In running fast to get away I chanced to look behind
And saw a horse policeman and he was riding like the wind.

"Now stand your ground young man" he said, "you can't escape from me
I saw you shoot our landlord from the back of yon oak tree."
I asked him for to pass me by, but this he would not do,
I gave three cheers for liberty, I fired and shot him too.

Now my is Pat Maguire a shoemaker by trade,
A true brave son of Granuaile that never was afraid,
And if every son of Erin would pay his rent like me
In spite of cruel landlords we'd set old Ireland free.