The Limerick Races

It was on the first of May when I began my rambles,
When everything was there, both jaunting cars and gambols;
I looked along the road which was lined with shining faces,
All driving off ding-dong to go and see the races.


Musha ring a ding a da, ring too ral addy O!
Musha ring a ding a da, ring too ral addy O!

I had to walk the road and make no great delay, sirs,
Until I reached the course where everything was gay, sirs,
It's then I spied a wooden horse, and in the upper story
The band struck up a tune called "Garryowen na glora!"

There were fiddlers playing jigs, there were lads and lassies dancing,
And chaps upon their nags, round the course they were prancing;
Some were drinking whiskey punch while others bawled out gaily:
"Hurrah there for the shamrock green and the sprig of sweet shillelagh!"

There were bettors to and fro to see who would win the race, sirs,
And one of the sporting chaps, of course, came up to me, sirs,
Says he: "I'll bet you fifty pounds and I'll put it down this minute!"
"Ah, then, ten to one", says I, "the foremost horse will win it"

When the players came to town, and a funny set were they, sirs,
I paid my two thirteens to go and see the play, sirs,
They acted kings and cobbler and everything so gaily,
But I found myself at home when they struck up "Paddy Carey".

I am a simple Irish lad, to Limerick town I've come, sirs,
And to satisfy my mind, I mean to have some fun, sirs,
Oh, murder, what a precious place, and what a charming city
When the boys are all so free and the girls are all so pretty.