The Little Ball of Yarn

It was down by Charles' Quay I carelessly did stray,
One evening to enjoy sweet recreation,
A maiden I espied with a stocking by her side
And she singing to herself this oration..

Arrah, goodness me, she cried, is there no one standing by
That would hold my worsted neatly on his arm,
For my brain it is annoyed and my thread it is destroyed,
Winding up my little ball of yarn.

I stepped from where I lay and addressed this comely maid,
And I said, "Would you permit a humble stranger
To wind your little ball of yarn, in the gutter you let it fall
And to shield you and protect you from all danger.

Arrah now, kind sir, says she, do not be teasing me,
For your flattering tongue I do not care a farthing,
For a needle you broke on me, sure I cannot knit on three,
So I'll wind up my own little ball of yarn.

Well I pressed her more and more, till at length she did adore,
And it's married that we were without alarm,
'And I never will regret the day that we met
And she winding up her little ball of yarn.