The Low Counterie

My love sailed away to the Low Counterie,
His chieftain to obey in the Low Counterie,
He left his native shore for a land where cannons roar
And he may return no more from the Low Counterie.

Why did my lover go to the Low Counterie?
To face the daring foe in the Low Counterie?
Because his heart was brave and before he died a slave
He's find a soldier's grave in the Low Counterie.

What will me lover do in the Low Counterie?
If some maid his heart may woo in the Low Counterie?
What but turn from her and smile with a bosom free from guile,
And remember me the while in the Low Counterie.

And if ere he will come home from the Low Counterie,
He'' bear a captain's plume from the Low Counterie,
He'll cross the raging main to embrace his faithful Jane,
And he'll never sail again to the Low Counterie.