Adieu you hills and flowery dells that lie near Moreland shores
And the winding paths of Malahide, shall I never see you More?
The winding paths of Malahide where the lambs to sport and play,
In my line and hook delight I took all in my youthfull day!

The ship she waits in harbour, just ready for to sail,
I hope she may sail over with a sweet and pleasant gale.
Had I the King of England's crown, or had I ten times more
I would give it all to the girl I love who dwells near Moreland shore.

O, some may talk of that fair one, and some may talk of me,
Let them all say what they will, I'll keep her company,
Let them all think what they will, I'll do the best I can,
I will shortly leave Lord Donnelly's grove and wed that sweet young one!

I went unto that girl last night to hear what she would say,
Certain she would pity me as I was going away:
She said, "I love another one, and him I do adore,
I've waited on him for seven long years, so trouble me no more."

Farewell unto Lord Donnelly's grove, likewise his bleaching green,
Where the linen thread was gently spread and the purling stream ran clear,
Oh, many's the happy hour I spent, but alas, that all is o'er,
And the girl I love has banished me far, far from Morelands shore.

Transcribed on June 25, 2000 by T. M. Carlsen
Notes from transcriber: spelling, punctuation, and first stanza indentation
as in original.

Notes at bottom of page (combined hand written and typed): My father got the Words
and music from Martin Sheridan, 13, Adelaide Rd who took them down from his
grandfather, Michael Morgan of Trim, which is about all I know about this song.