With my dog and gun o'er yon moorland travel
For recreation I chanced to stray;
Where I espied a charming maiden
And she enticed be a while to stay.
It was many a time I roved with pleasure
To meet my darling on yon moorland plain
Sighing and sobbing and love bewailing,
But now I'm altered in Cupid's chains.

Said I, 'My charmer, I love you dearly
Tell me your name and your home also'
'Excuse my name and you'll find me dwelling
At the mountain stream where the moorcocks crow.'

She said, 'Young man I'm going to tell you
Your former folly you must give o'er;
If my parents knew that I'd marry a rover
It's deep affliction I'd undergo.
I'm happy here though I might be married
This two long years and something more
To one superior whom I love dearer
Than the mountain stream where the moorcocks crow.

So farewell darling, I now must leave you
In hopes to meet you on yon moorland plain,
When I'll discourse a time most charming
So listen to my love-sick tale;
Fare thee well old Ireland, likewise old England,
I leave my darling on the plains below,
May the heavens above protect my love,
At the mountain stream where the moorcocks crow.

Transcribed on June 25, 2000 by T. M. Carlsen