Nancy Hogan's Goose

As I roved out one morning down by O'Grady's store
I met Frank Halpin's gander couring Nancy Hogan's goose,
Nance herself sure she was there, and you know she has the devil's own tongue
She swore by all the high courts that she would get my gander hung.

Oh! you will not hang my gander, for the goose herself she's more to blame
She steals out every morning, by that you know she's on for game
The police they came right after and marched the gander off to jail
He was put back till the next Assizes and wouldn't be let out without strong bail.

When the gander came before the judge, says he "My lad I won't let you loose
You'll get seven year's transportation for courting Nancy Hogan's goose."
When the gander heard the Judge's words he looked the man right in the face
Sayin' "And is it for doing my duty that I should leave my native place.
If I hadn't done my duty the story would be seven times worse
The eggs would be all gluggers and I'd have Nancy Hogan's curse."

When the Judge he heard the gander's words, says he "My lad I will let you loose,
But when you get back to O'Grady's store now don't court Nancy Hogan's goose."
"When I get back to O'Grady's store I'll feed myself on oats and grass
And I'll court Nancy Hogan's goose when Nancy Hogan is gone to Mass.

Air: Miss McCloud's Reel