Napoleon Buonaparte's Farewell to Paris

I am Napoleon Buonaparte, the conqueror of nations.
I banished German legions, drove kings from their thrones,
I've trampled Dukes and Earls and splendid congregations,
For which I am transported to St. Helena's shore.
Like Hannibal, I crossed the Alps, o'er burning sands and rocky cliffs,
Over Russian hills through snow and frost I still the laurel wore,
Now in the Isle, annoyed by rats, without good Christians or good cats,
To tread these wild forlorn paths I never trod before.

My spread eagles were pulled down by Wellington's allied army,
My troops in disorder could no longer stand the field,
I was sold that afternoon on the eighteenth day of June
My reinforcements proved traitors, whic caused me for to yield
Although I am in allied yokes, with fire and sword I'll make them smoke
I conquered Dutch and Dane and surprised the Grand Signor,
I defeated Austrians and Russians, Portugeese and Prussians,
As worthy Joshua, Alexander and the great Caesar of yore.

Some say it was my first downfall, the parting with my Josephine,
And to wed the German's daughter, which did grieve my heart full sore,
The female train I do not blame, they never yet did me defame,
They saw my sword in battle flame and then did me adore.
Now sincerely I do feel the rod for medaling with the house of God
My religion now grieves me much, for robbing of the Christian Church,
But had they given me time and place I would them all restore.

Now to the south of Africa, to the Atlantic ocean
To view the wild commotion and flowing of the tide,
I was banished from my royal throne of imperial promotion,
From the French throne of Glory, to see the billows glide.
Three days I conquered on the plain, Liberty's cause for to maintain,
Thousands there I left slain, all covered in their gore,
I did not fly without revenge, or from the allied Armies cringe,
But now my sword is sheathed, and Boney is no more.