A New Song on the Shooting of Bailey the Alleged Informer

Now listen to these lines I write,
And give me your attention,
About the shooting case on Saturday night
Is what I'm going to mention;
A man the name of Bailey
An informer it is stated
Received a ball which made him fall,
His skull was penetrated.

On Saturday night he met his fate,
All by a pistol volley,
By someone unknown who did him hate,
Down in Skipper's Alley.

The cause of the outrage, it seems,
As we all do remember,
Was for information shich he gave,
In the month of last December,
About the arms which had been concealed,
Which caused a great sensation,
This informer proved that he was,
To those men a near relation.

Those men they were arrested then,
And sent to Richmond Prison,
But was released and re-arrested,
Under the cruel Cesraien [SP?];
Which leaves them now in Kilmainham Jail,
All by his information,
But he lost his life on Saturday night,
Which has caused great sensation.

Whoever fired the fatal shot,
A good aim he had taken,
The ball it caused him soon to fall,
Without much hesitation,
Soon after that he did depart,
Into death he soon was sinking,
So all bad members now beware,
And of his end be thinking.

So now to end, yourselves defend,
In union lies the power,
Be prude and wise, remember spies,
And watch unguarded hours,
Both night and day mind what you say,
Don't do harm to your neighbors,
And from dangers you'll always be free,
When you are no deceiver.

Bailey killed on February 25, 1882. Some of men arrested on suspicion later were involved in the Phoenix Park murders. Bailey had given information in December of a cache of arms hidden in a tenement house. The murder, to the best of my knowledge, never was solved. Several ballad singers were arrested for peddling their ballads in the streets - on charges of obstructing the sidewalks, and of inciting the public to lawless conduct by urging the murder of all informers.]