'98 Ballad

On the 29th of May, my boys, recorded it should be
When our brave Irish heroes walked out for liberty,
We were so oppressed by English laws we could no longer stand
Resolved we were to fight, my boys to free our native land.

Bad cess attend you Dublin, why did you not prove true?
You betrayed our Irish heroes and caused us for to rue,
Our tender-hearted mothers, you caused their hearts to break
And the heart of many a fine young girl all for her lover's sake.

An express came down from Dublin that we should go out to-night
For to set free our country and get our lawful right,
All our brave United men most loyally did join,
They were deceived by Dublin and march on to Dunboyne.

Long life to Lady Connell, long may she live and reign,
Many was the point of exercise we learned on her domain,
She was upright to her country, and means to be so still,
We never were defeated till we came to Tara Hill.

Long life to the old Prince Regent, long may he sit the throne.
If all the rest were like him our boys would soon come home,
We'll keep them in agitation till the French they do land in
And we'll make a common begging-bag of old Lord Carhampton's skin.