Nora Daily

It was just near Miltown Malbay; not a thousand miles from Galway,
When I was young and merry on the breezy hills of Clare,
That I met a cailin comely with winsome ways and homely
And she driving in her monkey cart a-going to the Fair.

My name is Nora Daly from the Parish of Kilmaly
My father is a farmer and the crossest man in Clare!
If he saw you here beside me I'm in dread he soon would chide me,
So please get out and walk a bit before we reach the Fair.

I reluctantly coeyed her, for I couldn't have gainsaid her,
A vision of her father with a fierce and angry glare
Up before me quickly started, so from her I sadly parted,
But she took my heart along with her a-going to the Fair.

After years abroad sojouring, which my love still brightly burning,
I sought for her and married her and settled down in Clare,
And I often do remind her of that day long left behind her
When I met her on the donkey cart a-going to the Fair.