On evenng in Spring as the nightingale did sing
I roved out for sweet recreation;
I happened for to pass a Brunswick ([illegible]) Orange class
Then voting agains the rights of their nation.

O'Connell is the man who adopted a new plan
And is seeking for the rights of this nation,
The Orange boys well know that he did them overthrow
And tranquility brought beck to old Erin.

This hundred years or more we have suffered sore
By the deeds and doings of every base faction
The time is coming nigh when this they must deny
At worship at the sweet holy altar.

For Samson the great without religion or faith [I think]
Slew Philistines of old without despairing,
Our hero is not so, his religion he does know
And he's seeking for the rights of old Erin.

In the westward of our Isle our hero first did shine
Accordin[g] as our ancient historys trace it,
And[ ]the pastors of our land put him under their command
And the most vigorous leadership they gave him.

[Note typed, indented:]
(From an old handwritten ms.which appears to be