One Penny Portion
(Tune: Preab 'san Ól)

A sailor courted a farmer's daughter
That lived convenient to the Isle of man;
Take heed, good people, what followed after,
They had courted, but understand.
One day at parting, after discoursing
Some time concerning the ocean wide,
He said, "My dear, at our next meeting,
If you consent, I'll make you my bride."

Said she "For sailors we don't admire them
Because they sail to so many parts
The more we love them the more they slight us
And leave them after them with broken hearts."
But never fear me, my dearest darling
I don't intend for to treat you so;
But I have once more to cross the ocean
You know my darling that I must go.

The news was carried unto his mother
Before he put his foot aboard
That he was courting a farmer's daughter
One penny portion could not afford.
One penny portion going to the ocean!
Like one distracted his mother ran,
"If you don't forsake her, your bride not make her,
I will disown you to be my son!"

"Oh, mother dear you're in a passion,
And I am sorry for what you've said;
Don't you remember at your first beginning
My father married you, a serving maid?
So don't dispraise her, I mean to raise her
Just as my father with you has done;
Therefore I'll take her, my bride I'll make her,
Though you should disown me to be your son."

When this maid heard the pleasing story
That she to sea with her love might go,
She said "My portion, they need not mind it,
I might have money and no one know!"
"Money or not, love, you are my lot, love,
You have my heart and affections still;
Therefore I'll take you, my bride I'll make you,
Let my scolding mother do what she will!"