Paddy's Green Counterie

Farewell unto of Ireland's Isle, since I left you behind
For it's now I'm going far away unto a foreign clime,
Its now I'm going far away, strange faces for to see,
For my mind is bent of rambling far from Paddy's Green Counterie.

I was born in the town of Ant(e)rim near to the River Bann,
It is as nice a river as flows through Ireland,
It is as nice a river as ever your eyes did see,
And I'll think of it when far away from Paddy's Green Counterie.

Around New Mills my thoughts will dwell when in some foreign land,
The seas and times may change most minds, but mine it never can,
When I am gone far far away to the land of liberty,
My thoughts will dwell when far away on Paddy's Green Counterie.

Oh, cocks and cards I loved you dear as ever man has done,
You were the vice my mind ensnared, my thoughts still on your run,
You drove me from my father's house across the raging sea,
You were the cause of all my woes in Paddy's Green Counterie.

Fare thee well unto my comrades all that will meet at Drumsoo,
Likewise my friends and relatives, and to them I bid adieu,
I'll miss my comrades, boys and girls, and my comrades they'll miss me,
And I'll think of them when far away from Paddy's Green Counterie.