Páistín Fionn (lit. Fair Haired Child)

Oh my fair Páistín is my heart's delight
Her gay heart laughs in her blue eye's bright,
Like the apple blossom her bosom white
And her neck like the swan's on a March morn bright.

Is tusa mo rún, mo rún, mo rún,
Is tusa mo rún, is mo ghrágh geal,
Is tusa mo rún,, as mo chumann go buan,
Sé mo chreach gan thú 'gam o'd mhaithrín!

Were I in the town where'smirth and glee
Or 'twixt two barrels of barley bree
With my fair Páistín upon my knee
'Tis I that would drink to her pleasantly.

Nine nights I lay in longing and pain
Betwixt two bunches, beneath the rain,
Thinking to see my love again
But whistle and call were all in vain.

I'll leave my people both friend and foe
From all the girls in the world I'll go,
But from you, sweetheart,oh never, oh no!
Till I lie in the coffin streached cold and low.