The Palatine's Daughter

As I was walking one fine day
To the hiring fair at Ballyshay,
I rambled through the mountain pass
And met the Palatine's lovely lass.
She questioned me "Pray what's your name,
And what's the dwelling that you claim?
Will you bear me company
To where my folk to wait for me?
For of all the lads In e'er did see,
You're the only one that pleases me."

Ri-ti fol d-diddle,
Ti-ti fol d-diddle,
Fal de do da day doh!

I drew up closely to her side,
And kissed her lips twice over,
If to your house I go with you
Then will you be my lover?
Oh do not be afraid of that,
I'll wed you and no other
For though I'd leave my kindred kind
My father and my mother.
I've stock and land and a fortune too,
Avourneen, make no bother.

All married men and sweethearts gay,
Now hear the words that I do say,
It's how I got a house and land,
And my darling from her mother.
Her hair is black as any sloe,
Her skin as fair as fair might be
And of all the girls I e'er do see
She's the only one that pleases me.
And now my song is ended for
I married the Palatine's daughter.