You loyal Irishmen draw near and to these verses lend an ear,
And let us join and loudly cheer this patriot so true
Who crossed the broad Atlantic main our grievances for to explain
And for us tenant rights to gain and landlords to subdue.

Undaunted by government unto Columbia straight he went
And back to Erin straight he sent unto the starving poor
The aid we did so badly need our working classes for to feed
Our cause he has upheld indeed, kept famine from our shore.

When he landed in America unto the Irish he did say:
"Contribute largely now I pray, your countrymen to save,
If not you'll find like '48 that many will meet a famished fate
And, it grieve me for to state, perhaps a pauper's grave."

Parnell, old Erin's gallant son, this agitation has begun,
Our battle he has fought and won in spite of all our foes,
If many like Parnell were in Ireland you would shortly see
We would quickly gain our liberty and landsharks they would go.

There's another man I'll name because he's sure tomerit your applause
With Parnell he upholds the cause and Healy is his name.
And others too you'll shortly see appearing in Irish history,
Dillon, Daly, Davitt and Kileen, these are the men of fame.