Pat O'Donnell

My name is Pat O'Donnell,I come from Donegal,
I am, you know, a deadly foe of traitors one and all,
For the shooting of James Carey I was tried in London Town,
And on the shameful Gallows my life I must lay down.

I sailed upon the ship Melrose in August '83
And on the voyage to Capetown, he was made known to me,
When I found out he was Carey there were angry words and blows
For the villain tried to take my life on board of the Melrose.

I stood up in my own defense, to fight before I'd die,
My pocket pistol I drew forth and at him I let fly,
I fired at him a second time and pierced him through the heart
And I gave him a third volley before he did depart.

When Mrs.Carey came running down the cabin where he lay
She saw him laying in his gore,which filler her with dismay.
What made you shoot my husband, in anguish then she cried.
I shot him in my own defense, kind madam I replied.

For willful murder I was tried and guilty found at last,
The jury found me guilty and the judge the sentence passed;
For the shooting of James Carey,the learned judge did say,
On the 17th of December, James Carey you must die.

I wish I were a free man and lived another year
All traitors and informers,I'd make them quake with fear;
As Saint Patrick drove the serpents from our saintly Irish ground
I'd make them fly before me like the hare flies before the hound.