Patsy McCann

There's a man by the name of Mick Hogan
Who is plaguing me out of my life
He has a big daughter named Bridget
And he wants me to make her my wife.;
Now she stands six foot four in her stockings,
Her waist of myself would make three,
And whenever I'm standing beside her
My elbows just reach to her knees.

Patsy McCann will you marry my daughter,
Patsy McCann, if the girl you'll wed
Ten golden sovereigns down I will give you
A three legged stool and a fine feather bed.
Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Patrick,
All the pictures that hang on the wall
I'll throw them all into the bargain
If you'll marry my daughter at all.

Now he says to me now look here Patsy,
You may travel the country around
And you'll say when you've finished your traveling
That a better girl couldn't be found.
I can't walk a yard in the street, sure,
Neither by night or by day
For now there's a lot of blackguards
Who mimic the old man and say: