Pegeen Mike

(Tune: Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe)

Come all ye gallant lassies now and put your knitting by
I'll tell ye such a story to bring teardrops to your eye,
Its all about the history of a brave young lad
That got up one Tuesday morning and slew his dear old Dad.

Oh, Christy was the bucko for to make the girls go wild
With tales of damsels saved from death and villains he had foiled,
He got up on a Tuesday morning and cut his Dad in two,
And that's the tale that Pegeen Mike will tell to all of you.

Now Christy came of a wintery day dressed in a gansey green,
With knitted socks and yellow boots and a dirty old bawneen,
We didn't like the twist of him till he told us that he had
Got up one Tuesday morning and slew his dear old Dad.

Well, Christy stayed that winter and many a tale he told
Of wandering on the lonely roads and sleeping in the cold,
He said someday that him and me would go the world to roam,
With the ocean for a garden and the hillsides for a home.

Oh, grief, my grief, 'tis bitter woe the tale I now must tell,
For Christy thought his Da was dead and gone straight down to hell,
He thought the divil had done for him, but alas it was not so,
For the Da came following after,in spite of a wound toe.

"Tis my grief that Christy Mahon is gone this many a day
And Pegeen still a maiden and like to be always,
But greatest grief of all it was to strike so mean a blow
That your man came following after in spite of a wounded toe.

Written by Liam Redmond.