The Pride of Erin's Isle

Come all true hearted patriots who Ireland's wrongs deplore,
I'll tell ye of the cruelest wrong that ever was done before,
Before this wrong all other wrongs of Ireland do grow pale,
For they've locked the pride of Erin's Isle in dark Kilmainham Jail.

It was the tyrant Gladstone and he said unto himself:
"I will never be easy until Parnell is on the shelf,
Make haste and get the warrant out and take it by the mail,
For we'll lock the pride of Erin's Isle in dark Kilmainham Jail."

So Buckshot made the warrant out and buttoned up his coat,
He took the train at London Town to catch the Kingstown boat,
The weather it was rather rough and he was feeling queer
When Mallin and the polis came to meet him at the pier.

But calmly slept the patriot bold, for he was kilt with work
Haranguing of the multitudes in Limerick and Cork,
When Mallin and the polis came and rang the front door bell
Disturbing of his slumbers in bold Morrison's Hotel.

Then up and spoke bold Morrison, "Get up your soul and run,
And bright shall shine in history's page the name of Morrison,
There's Mallin waiting at the door with fifty men and more,
Get up, your soul, put on your shirt, out by the kitchen door!"

But proudly flashed the patriot's eye as he sternly answered, "No!
'Twill ne'er be said that Parnell turned his back upon the foe.
Parnell abú for liberty, 'tis all the same" said he,
"For Mallin has locked the kitchen door and taken away the key!"