The Railway

You folks I will tell you although I'm no clown
By steam you may travel with speed up and down,
For that's set them going, and I'll tell you why,
The people are eager to learn how to fly!

You may gravel by steam as I hear the folks say
From Dublin to Cork, Boys, along the Railway.

The Railway is open you may recollect well,
Such bustle there us I can't very well tell,
With lads and young ladies so buxom and gay
Delighting and talking about the Railway.

To view the Railway away they did go,
It's a great undertaking you may very well know,
There are bridges enough from Athlone to the sea,
If you travel the country along the Railway.

By steam they make hammers, by steam they make saws,
By steam they make hoes, and by steam they print laws!
By steam they cast brass and by steam they melt lead!
And steam can make old fellows youthful, it's said!

In Dublin we're told there's a wondrous machine
For making young chidren to grow up by steam!
Such dear little children, full thirty each day
For young engineers to supply the railway!

Talk of ships on the sea, sure they're all old stuff!
By water or land you'll arrive safe enough,
And if you have money your passage to pay
You can ride to perdition along the Railway!