The Rake's Courtship

I am a young fellow tha's given to rural sport
In union with darkies and loafers I used to resort,
I courted a damsel whose mother did me degrade
She called be a drunkard, a coward and a great canea.

I said I was offended and I bid the old dame good-bye,
I winked at the daughter who gave me the same reply,
I told her in private to meet me at Golden Fair
She never drew back till we met at noon next day.

My love was so loyal and came with such noble speed
The moment I met her I told her to mount the steed,
The day being advanced and we having no time to spare
When she reached me a bottle and told me to take a drain.

When we finished the bottle to Cashel we made our way,
We called to an inn where our dinner made no delay,
And soon to be safe we crossed over the raging sea,
And came to England just about the dawn of day.

When we reached London we thought we were mighty safe
When a pair of policemen and Peggy and me did gaze,
They viewed our description, the colour of our eyes and hair,
For our warrant was issued by telegraph news that day.

When we were detected they brought us before the Mayor,
He signed our commital and sent us to Clonmel Gaol,
But after my trial I got my acquittal clear,
And on the next day I was married to my dear.