The Rambling Irishman

I am a rambling Irishman, I've travelled the country round,
I've formed a resolution to quit the Irish ground,
With my bundle on my shoulder, my shillelagh in my hand
I set out for North America - a Rambling Irishman.

When I landed in Philadelphia the girls all jumped with joy,
Saying one unto the other, "Here comes an Irish boy."
They brought me in to drink with them, they took me by the hand
And the very first toast they drank to was the health of the Irishman.

I travelled to Pennsylvania and just as I passed by
A farmer's comely daughter, at me she winked her eye,
She asked me in to have a drop, I took her by the hand
She ran home to tell her mother that she loved the Irishman.

Said the mother to the daughter then, "What are you going to do?
To marry a strange Irishman, a man you never knew?"
"Ah, hold your tongue my mother dear, I'm doing the best I can,
There is friendship and good nature in the heart of the Irishman."

I mean to take a ramble and I mean to choose a wife,
And I mean to make her happy all the dear days of her life,
I'll work for her and I'll toil for her and I'll do the best I can,
And she'll never regret the day she met and loved her Irishman.