Rat Tat Tat

Now I was a getleman's sarvent
I used to have some fun
To mind my master's buserness
When he was not at home.
And if my master should go out
To view the fields so gay
I was always there with my rat tat tat
Yes whether come night or day (repeat)

Now it happened on a Tuesday
Me master to market did go
He told me to mind his buserness
As a sarvent ought to do.
As soon as ever his back was turned
I went blundering up to the barn
And up to the door with my rat tat tat
And I'm sure I meant no harm. (repeat)

Now who should come out by my misteress
She exed me to come in
To her I complained of the bellyache
To me she gave some gin.
She bade me drink it up me boys
And never a word to say
That I had beent here with my rat tat tat
And to bed we went straightway (repeat)

Now there we lay a sporting
For three half hour or more
Me mistress she loved the sport so well
I thought she'd have never give o'er.
My heart you've won forever whe cried
No more of your master for me
For he cannot come with his rat tat tat
Not half so well as thee. (repeat)

Now who should come home but my master
He exed me how I got on
I told him I' minded his buserness
As well as if he'd been at home.
He ordered me some ale me boys
But little did he know
That I had been there with my rat tat tat
If he had, he'd never done so. (repeat)